Haddon Paddon: Rally Spain – Day 3

We have finished rally Spain today after another 6 tarmac stages.

We have finished rally Spain today after another 6 tarmac stages. Although not the best of result, the whole experience of tarmac driving and learning has been hugely successful. After our 30 minutes of time penalties for retiring on day 1, we ended up 8th in PWRC, recovering from 15th and winning 9 of the 12 stages that we competed in.

Today we were able to pick up from where we left yesterday, winning all 4 of the longer stages by good margins while still driving well within ourselves. We have continued to learn every stage and comparing from where we started at the first stage yesterday to now, my tarmac driving has gone a long way. Of course there is still a lot of room for improvement but it is one step at a time.

You can see the below link to our video blog including some in car footage:

Todays result as the 3rd placed Subaru driver has allowed us to win this years Subaru Challenge award. We have had a fantastic year this year with Subaru and we hope that there is more success with Subaru in the future. Also congratulations to fellow Subaru driver, Patrick Flodin who won PWRC here.

A huge thanks to the whole Symtech team who despite a trying start have done a great job this rally. Thanks Dirk, Wim, Haggis, Rui, Pascal, Neil, Steve and Jurek. Katie has also been hard at work here in Spain with our updates while Dad and the family, along with several other Kiwis have been here cheering us on.

We hope to be able to confirm in the next couple of days exactly what car we are entering Rally GB in. In the meantime we have 2 weeks to get ready for Rally GB on what is a very spread out event throughout Wales.

Thanks for all your support. Great to see the All Blacks bring home the trophy too.

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