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Victory of Kajetanowicz and Baran in Rzeszowski Rally

Kajetan Kajetanowicz and Jarek Baran are absolutely unrivalled and in this season they gained fourth victory in Polish Championships.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz and Jarek Baran are absolutely unrivalled and in this season they gained fourth victory in a row in a round of Polish Championships. Such a top-level, 100% efficiency in rallies has not been achieved for at least 10 years by any Polish rally driver. It's a next achievement in this season, owing to which two-time Champion of Poland goes down in history of domestic rallies. Kajetan and Jarek were the fastest drivers in the majority of this special stages, this is why the team of LOTOS Dynamic Rally Team triumphed in three the most significant classifications – Polish Championships, Slovak Championships, and FIA CEZ. Two-time victors of Polish Championships gained the set of scores for general classification of RSMP 2012 and with a great predominance of more than 80 scores they strengthened their first position.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz: It's a great day for the whole team. Rzeszowski Rally is a very successful rally for us in spite of a strong competitors, difficult special stages, and a big pressure. Almost 200 kilometres of a really good fun and delight which cause that we are getting closer to achieve our main goal in this season – to defend a title of Polish Champion. I'm extremely happy that I've got such a team and partners, who give me possibilities and chances, which I always want to use in the best way. The weather during the rally played tricks and we had an extra dilemma what type of tires we should choose. Our choices were very good, but the information we received from fans standing along the route contributed to these choices. I'd like to give them thanks for that. My concentration was at the highest level from the start to the finish, and it doesn't happen during every rally. The whole team worked magnificently. We don't forget that nothing is given for good and we still have to work hard and even harder to win.

Jarek Baran: It was a good weekend. It turns out that Rzeszowski Rally isn't quite simple. The weather always makes us slightly stressed and we have to be well prepared for that. I think that everything correlated perfectly. Of course – we wanted to win this rally, because it's a great thing to win, but to win here, in Rzeszów is especially difficult, so this victory makes us exceptionally happy. As far as Polish Championships are concerned, our domination is great but it's not the end so we're waiting for the next rally.

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