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Valuable lesson

Despite the incredible pace, Łukasz Pieniążek and Przemysław Mazur didn’t manage to finish the Acropolis Rally.

Despite the incredible pace, Łukasz Pieniążek and Przemysław Mazur didn’t manage to finish the Acropolis Rally. The car refused to cooperate.

The challenge started with Friday qualification stage in which Pieniążek/Mazur were unstoppable. They had the best time in ERC 3 class.

No wonder their result was so great as beginning with first kilometers of Saturday’s SS, polish team in Opel Adam R2 was simply unrivaled. On the first attempt they managed to overtake other teams by 25 seconds. During the first loop of the Acropolis Rally, Łukasz and Przemek won 2 of 3 SS and were undisputed leaders in the front-wheel drive vehicles classification. During the second loop Polish team continued to attack, what brought 2 more won attempts. Unfortunataly, the charge was stopped due to a motor failure. The gearbox had apparently enough of the winding SS, and its breakdown eliminated our team from the further competition. After returning to the service, our team decided to withdraw from the rally.

Despite the tremendous bad luck Łukasz Pieniążek and Przemysław Mazur kept their position in top 3 of ERC 3 classification. Polish team left Greece with a lot of new experience, which will surely be helpful in further competitions. Our team debuts in just two weeks in JWRC during Rally de Portugal. This time, driving Citroen DS3 R3 Max, they face the best young drivers in the world. Junior World Rally Championship is considered to be a big step to a great career. This year the only Polish representatives are Pieniążek and Mazur. Rally de Portugal starts on 19th of May and finishes on 22 nd of May

Łukasz Pieniążek:

It was a challenging rally for us and for our car. I have never faced stages with so many bends, the route was very winding. Unfortunately, this time we didn’t make it, but that’s how it goes. During the Saturday’s SS we clearly showed that our pace in Ireland was not accidental. The Acroplis Rally was only my second start on the gravel roads, so I’m really satisfied. Now it’s the time for a little break for us, because in two weeks we start in Rally de Portugal – first round of JWRC. We are looking forward to this one! I’d like to thank for incredible support and all the encouraging words during this weekend. It was very important and motivating.

Przemysław Mazur:

Acropolis Rally is unique and extraordinary and also has long tradition in the world of motorsport. Unfortunately this year we didn’t succeed in finishing the rally but we’re very satisfied with the results of the individual SS. I think we gathered a lot experience before the next performances on the gravel roads. With the Rally de Portugal and the Rallye Açores ahead, every kilometer of loose road was very important for us. We’re leaving Greece not only with new experience, but also with next SS victories in ERC 3. I’d like to thank all our fans and our partners, who made our performance possible.

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