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Pieniążek still in the top of ERC Junior

The fastest round in ERC showed that Łukasz Pieniążek and Przemek Mazur can still fight for top positions in ERC Junior.

The fastest round in ERC showed that Łukasz Pieniążek and Przemek Mazur can still fight for top positions in ERC Junior. Unfortunately small mistake cost them high place in Estonia Rally.

Our duo faced their rivals for the first time on Friday SS and finished third. The same day they started in street SS in Tartu, in front of hundreds of supporters. Real emotions started on Saturday morning, when the gravel trials started. Since the very first kilometres Łukasz Pieniążek, debutante in Rally Estonia, has kept high tempo. He was 5 th after the first loop, however he lost his position after a few small mistakes. However, Polish crew was still in the game for the top five.

During the final stage Łukasz and Przemek decided to fight for the higher position and consequently they managed to win one SS. The 13 th trial brought victory over more experienced drivers and our team advanced to 5 th place. During the last loop Pieniążek and Mazur attacked fiercely, unfortunately their ambitious chase was stopped on the last trial. On one of the winding roads Łukasz and Przemek flipped over. Fortunately they managed to get back on the road and finish the race, but their accident cost a few positions. Eventually, the finished 9 th.

After Estonia Rally our team comes back in a fortnight to take part in Rally Finland, a part of JWRC.

Łukasz Pieniążek:

It was very exciting weekend, as roads in Estonia are really impressive. For two days I’ve been literally keeping my pedal to the metal. As we expected, local drivers were favourites in this rally, nevertheless we were able to compete and even win one special section. Unfortunately one mistake cost us a few positions in final classification. The curve was extremely tight, and we couldn’t make it so eventually we turned over. Fortunately we were able to finish the race. It’s not our dream finish, but we are leaving Estonia stronger and with new experience.

Przemysław Mazur: 

High speed driving demands maximum concentration and every little mistake cost a big loss. Of course we were in top 5 during the most time of the race. I’m really happy I could take part in this amazing rally again. Estonia is really covered with beautiful routes and I really hope we’ll come here next year. For now we’re focusing on recapitulating this weekend and on preparations to the next rally. In two weeks we’re about to start in legendary Rally Finland.

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