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Useful experience for Veiby

Already after the first stage of Rally Germany, Ole Christian Veiby's chances to score a top result, were ruined.

Already after the first stage of Rally Germany, Ole Christian Veiby's chances to score a top result, were ruined. But the 20-year-old comes home with much useful experience and lessons learned.

"This turned out to be a rally just as difficult as I feared it would be. Already after SS1, we realized that our chances were pretty much gone" said Ole, who explained what happened:

"I came to fast into a right hand corner. The cars in front of us had done a lot of cutting so there were lots of mud on the road and it was really slippery. I didn't see it when approaching the corner and when I did, it was too late."

The car ended up in the ditch, but luckily he and co-driver Stig Rune Skjærmoen got help from spectators to get back on the road. They still lost over 12 minutes on the incident.

"It was thanks to the spectators that we could continue, something that was very important because it allowed us to do the rest of Friday's stages" he said.

It was obviously a great disappointment that the fight for a top spot was over, but they still managed to recharge and go on.

"It is so important to build experience from a rally this difficult. The roads in Germany are something completely new to us, but I did feel like we quickly got into it. Although our chances for a top result were somewhat destroyed, we decided to show pace and set good stage times instead" said Ole, who was on the limit – and sometimes even beyond.

"On Saturday we had a spin while going in 150 km per hour. You get a lot of experience when driving on the limit – and also where the limit is" he explained.

Ole's strongest competitor in the Junior WRC, Italian Simone Tempestini, won the event and extended his lead in the overall standings.

"I haven't given up the thought of winning the JWRC, but I know that it will be difficult after this" he said.

Now the young Norwegian rally talent looks forward to the next WRC round, which takes place in Corsica on the first weekend of October.

"I will give everything I've got to fight back harder there. I have good memories from last year in Corsica, so I think I can do well" said Ole.

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